Code-Prettify modified by 北村由衣


The source codes that provided on this page are managed on GitHub repository.
The source codes are licensed on Apache License 2.0.
Feel free to use on your website:)
Difference with the original
#originalmodified version
1the CSSs works to all your HTML. the CSSs works only with in the <pre class="prettyprint">.
2the CSSs works to any type of HTML tags. the CSSs works only for the SPAN tag.( and also the span tags in pre tag #1)
3the CSS class names are simple. So that it may cause collision with your original class names. the CSS class names has prefix "pp-". So that it may not collision with your class names.
<!-- my HTML -->
div.tag { color:red }
<div class="tag">the tag div</div>
the text in div elements may colored with NOT red, because code-prettify has the CSS that
.tag { color: #008}
the div class shows in the left cell will colored with red, because modified code-prettify has the CSS that
pre.prettyprint span.pp-tag { color: #008 }

How to use

Referer this sample source code. The <script src> location may not be able to change. (If you want to own by your self, you have to change run_prettify.js)
On this website, I don`t provide skins without the default.
   <script src=""></script>
   <!--?prettify lang=HTML?-->
   <pre class="prettyprint">
   your pre code here

Please cooperate

Please make the pull request for the on GitHub to announce that your website is using this version

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